Conferences at the Niederrhein

The Niederrhein - perfect for conferences and business functions

Numerous internationally renowned companies have their headquarters at the Niederrhein. Thus it is not surprising that the Niederrhein region offers a large variety of event and conference venues which meet the most exacting demands. No matter whether it is a large or a rather intimate function, there are stylish premises for any size of company. The ambience of your choice (from typical Niederrhein style to trendy) will come equipped with state-of-the-art technology and participants will enjoy professional service rendered with the warmth of the Niederrhein.

Conference venues also offer attractive indoor and outdoor fringe events. Furthermore there is no shortage of suitable premises for company functions such as Christmas, ranniversaries or summer parties. Take a look at the venues listed on!

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Museum Schloss Moyland

Am Schloss 4, 47551 Bedburg-Hau

Museum Schloss Moyland am Niederrhein
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Averdunkshof Gastronomie

Averdunksweg 28, 47506 Neukirchen-Vluyn

Averdunkshof Gastronomie am Niederrhein
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Hotel Rheinpark Rees

Vor dem Rheintor 15, 46459 Rees am Rhein

Hotel Rheinpark Rees am Niederrhein
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Kamper Hof Rheinberg

Kamper Straße 8, 47495 Rheinberg

Kamper Hof Rheinberg - Veranstaltungslocation Niederrhein
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Niershof Christoph Topp

Mülhausener Straße 59, 41749 Viersen

Niershof Christoph Topp am Niederrhein
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Künstleragentur Artist Eventainment

Gruenewaldstrasse 9, 47447 Moers

Künstleragentur Artist Eventainment am Niederrhein
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The Rilano Hotel Cleve City

Bensdorpstr. 3, 47533 Kleve

The Rilano Hotel Cleve City am Niederrhein
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Wunderland Kalkar

Griether Straße 110-120, 47546 Kalkar

Wunderland Kalkar am Niederrhein
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Nierswalder Landhaus

Dorfstr. 2, 47574 Goch-Nierswalde

Nierswalder Landhaus GmbH am Niederrhein
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Orsoyer Hof - Hotel & Restaurant

Hafendamm 2, 47495 Rheinberg

Orsoyer Hof - Hotel & Restaurant am Niederrhein
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Marienthaler Gasthof

Pastor-Winkelmann-Str. 2, 46499 Hamminkeln

Marienthaler Gasthof am Niederrhein
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Café Wien Rheinberg

Xantener Straße 5, 47495 Rheinberg

Café Wien Rheinberg am Niederrhein
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Van-der-Renne Allee 2a, 46446 Emmerich

PANNEKOEKHUYS Hoch-Elten am Niederrhein
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Cafe-Restaurant-Konditorei NEDERKORN

Hauptstrasse 5, 47623 Kevelaer

Cafe-Restaurant-Konditorei NEDERKORN am Niederrhein
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Landstr. 6, 47559 Kranenburg - Mehr

Lindenhof am Niederrhein
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Schloss Moyland Eventlocation und Café

Am Schloss 4, 47551 Bedburg Hau

Schloss Moyland Eventlocation und Café am Niederrhein
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Reeser Personenschiffahrt

Weidenweg 11, 46459 Rees

Reeser Personenschiffahrt am Niederrhein
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