Water activities at the Niederrhein

The Niederrhein region is not only known for its picturesque towns, lush meadows and fresh fields but also for its many rivers, streams and lakes. Especially the River Rhine, the largest waterway in Europe, has left its mark on the Niederrhein landscape by carving its bed into it through the ages. Apart from contributing to the scenic beauty, the many rivers, streams and lakes offer endless possibilities for water sports such as jet-skiing, water-skiing, fishing, sailing, rowing, paddling, canoeing and swimming in one of the many lakes and outdoor pools.

Take a boat trip, e.g. on the Rhine, to enjoy the fabulous scenery from the water. Of course there are also various marinas which rent out mooring and berths to those who would like to explore the Niederrhein in their own boat.

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Rheinaue erleben

Niederstr. 3, 46459 Rees-Bienen

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Xantener Südsee und Nordsee

Freizeitzentrum Xanten

Xantener Südsee und Nordsee
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SEA LIFE Oberhausen

Zum Aquarium 1, 46047 Oberhausen

SEA LIFE Oberhausen am Niederrhein
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Am Schloss Walbeck 31, 47608 Geldern

Niederrhein Kanu
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Sauna Embricana

Nollenburger Weg 34, 46446 Emmerich

Embricana Freizeit- und Sport Gmbh am Niederrhein
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Reeser Personenschiffahrt

Weidenweg 11, 46459 Rees

Reeser Personenschiffahrt am Niederrhein
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