Wining & dining at the Niederrhein

Restaurants, cafés & bars. Our recommendations for the Niederrhein region.

The Niederrhein region is not only known for its attractive towns, scenery and sights but also for its unique people. And where to meet people if not in the sociable bars and cosy cafés on the Niederrhein? They, too, mirror the diversity of the Niederrhein region: between Alpen and Xanten you’ll find everything that your heart desires, be it an old-fashioned pub, a classic café or the hippest bar.

In terms of culinary delights the Niederrhein has become known for a lot more than kale (even though there is good reason for kale being known far beyond this region). The Niederrhein boasts scores of excellent restaurants which specialise in various cuisines. No matter whether you just want to enjoy a snack and a grand view during a cycle tour or whether you want to end the weekend with a romantic dinner for two - you are certain to find exactly what you are looking for. Come and see for yourself!

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Bossmann Catering & Partyservice

Lise-Meitner Straße 5a, 46446 Emmerich am Rhein

Bossmann Catering am Niederrhein
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Averdunkshof Gastronomie

Averdunksweg 28, 47506 Neukirchen-Vluyn

Averdunkshof Gastronomie am Niederrhein
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Bodega im Scheffel - Tapas-Bar Rheinberg

Holzmarkt 6, 47495 Rheinberg

Bodega im Scheffel - Tapas-Bar Rheinberg
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Brand's Vistro / Brand's Fisch

Hülser Straße 17 a, 47647 Kerken

Brand's Vistro / Brand's Fisch am Niederrhein
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Nierswalder Landhaus

Dorfstr. 2, 47574 Goch-Nierswalde

Nierswalder Landhaus GmbH am Niederrhein
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Orsoyer Hof - Hotel & Restaurant

Hafendamm 2, 47495 Rheinberg

Orsoyer Hof - Hotel & Restaurant am Niederrhein
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Marienthaler Gasthof

Pastor-Winkelmann-Str. 2, 46499 Hamminkeln

Marienthaler Gasthof am Niederrhein
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Café Wien Rheinberg

Xantener Straße 5, 47495 Rheinberg

Café Wien Rheinberg am Niederrhein
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Van-der-Renne Allee 2a, 46446 Emmerich

PANNEKOEKHUYS Hoch-Elten am Niederrhein
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Cafe-Restaurant-Konditorei NEDERKORN

Hauptstrasse 5, 47623 Kevelaer

Cafe-Restaurant-Konditorei NEDERKORN am Niederrhein
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Landstr. 6, 47559 Kranenburg - Mehr

Lindenhof am Niederrhein
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Schloss Moyland Eventlocation und Café

Am Schloss 4, 47551 Bedburg Hau

Schloss Moyland Eventlocation und Café am Niederrhein
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