The fair Niederrhein

Messe Niederrhein - Messen am Niederrhein

The fair Niederrhein is a powerful faircenter… the left Niederrhein and it is located since 1998 in the former Reichel-area in Rheinberg. We develop and realize innovative concepts together with our organizers for fairs and events of any kind.
Yearly more than 200.000 visitors in more than 25 events come to our halls.

On the 10.000 m² exhibition space in the light flooded halls not only consumer fairs like the “Bauen Wohnen Renovieren Modernisieren” or the “Gartenträume”, also trade fairs, closed housefairs, concerts, parties, enterprise festivities and “A Level festivities” take place.
Next to the halls, the wide outdoor area offers enough space for many occasions. Like additional exhibition space in tents like at the “Baumesse” or free space including activityfields and a big catering offering like at the “Festi Bahar”.
Creativity knows no borders with us!

The direct highway connection to the A57 offers organizers, exhibitors and visitors a comfortable arrival to all events in our halls. Also the railway station of Rheinberg is close.
For our visitors we offer 2.500 own parking places and 1.000 additional parking places for which we offer shuttlebusses, hence we are able to offer in total 3.500 parking lots!

Welcome at the fair Niederrhein, we are looking forward to your visit!

Messe Niederrhein GmbH
an der Rheinberger Heide 5
47495 Rheinberg
Tel.: 02843 / 92 41 00
Fax: 02843 / 92 41 32
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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